LOC-Consulting: Apple & Beacons PRE-INFO for Sept. 9th 2014 Event

5. September 2014 Aus Von Thomas Hinterleithner

05. September 2014: THINK TANK #1: Apple und Beacons

What Apple would like to tell us but still may not

What we know:

On Sep 09, Apple will unveil at a press conference the new iPhone iOS 6 and 8. This will have far-reaching consequences for the iBeacon-ECO system.

With the new operating system for Apple’s iPhone some crucial changes occur to users and app developers. So there will be on the lock screen a new button, similar to the camera button. However, the icon on the bottom left is to directly open or download the apps that have a Location Relevance serve. The button is activated by iBeacon events, even if the corresponding app is not installed. This Apple opens up an entirely new, based on the location of the user distribution channel for apps.

With an extension of touch-ID features mobile payments via finger print and credit card integration with leading vendors such as MasterCard, Visa and American Express incl. NFC functionality is brought into the trade.


What we expect innovations to other location-based:

With these new location-based components, Apple will put a revolutionary, ready-to eco-system around iWallet, including iBeacons, for immediate worldwide use.

Also new is the own APPLE iBeacon hardware. With it, among other things, the new icon will be activated on the lock screen for app downloads. Thus, each physical Point of Interests also equal to a real app store event. So Apple offers every trader with his own app a new distribution channel through which he can deliver his application (s) to its customers.
parallel is also provided a new payment system available to every trader with iWallet. It is assumed that Apple (etc. ev. Shipment fees) will provide this APPLE iBeacons free or nearly free.


The importance for Apple

(1) Apple increases with the installation of their own APPLE iBeacon HW-download-related APPs massive and thus their own revenues.

(2) Apple provides with its own APPLE iBeacons access to a global, mobile payment system available (probably in combination with NFC).

(3) Apple support u with the open iBeacon SW. Hardware standard in addition to the NEW here described, global and APPLE-own-iBeacon eco-system incl. IWallet to make even parallel systems with closed dealer „dealers Beacons“ created the option . This more or less „closed“ dealer Beacon systems can protect the legitimate interests and information of dealers and consumers.

(4) Appel catapulted to specify the obligation of the Coordinates are APPLE iBeacons that. Appel card services at the highest quality level So the distance of Apple Maps to Google Maps is significantly reduced.


The importance for traders

(1) dealers get a completely new customer dialog eco-system including mPayment, easy to use with real added value for each client, while maintaining all privacy requirements.

(2) Dealers and POIs (Points of Interests) can own apps to the right location, deliver the relevant time – the result is immediate value and sustainability in the use.

(3) costs for infrastructure (Payment / dialog systems / reporting / analysis) drop dramatically.


The importance for users

(1) Relevant Apps are displayed directly on the POI (Point of use).

(2) A mobile and contactless payment system will be made available nationwide.

(3) quality of the visits at the POI is increased.

(4) gaps in the shopping experience between web shopping and physical shopping are closed.


The losers

(1) Classical payment providers, including banks and new mPayment system provider, who as a pioneer, developed the niche markets.

(2) Analysis – Systems for shopping behavior, category management – systems / providers.

(3) „Classic“ customer cards based information systems.


Authors: Carsten Szameitat & Thomas Hinterleithner, CEO and Founder of the
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